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Fate… Is everything pre-planned for us?

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In the last month three people under the age of thirty have been involved in serious accidents. Two have no been lucky enough to survive, while the other has been sitting in a hospital bed for the last 3 weeks.

Three weeks ago, my sister’s boyfriend was involved in a snowboarding accident and is likely to be paralyzed for the rest of his life. Fortunately in 3 long weeks that he has been in the hospital he has been able to fight it by keeping the faith and determination alive. He has sorta proven the doctors wrong a few times.  They said permanent paralysis from the chest down, he has been able to feel pain in his legs, he recently had his catheter removed (so, yes, he can feel when he has to pee).  These are amazing feats for someone who was not supposed to feel anything below his chest again.

More recently, here in Conne, another young person was involved in a ski-doo accident. I don’t know the details, except that he was taken to the hospital where he died 12 hours later. I don’t know this person, but I am friends with people who are in his family.

This morning, I woke up to some messags on my MSN. A boy of 18 or 19 from back home in Rawdon was involved in a car accident this morning. Presumably en route to or from work, the roads were icy and he slid into an oncoming vehicle. He died.

Now, I ask myself, is there some higher power determining who will live, who will die or when we will die? I would like to think not, because I am sort of a skeptic. But then when I think about young people dying, or having bad things happen to them, it makes me wonder. I mean, what do these young people do to deserve death? Probably nothing at all, they haven’t lived long enough; they still have their entire life ahead of them.

To me, it almost does not seem fair to end a life at a young age. It is bad enough when an older person dies, but at least they have lived a full life. Was it their destiny to live to 80+ years old? Was it these young people’s destiny to be in their respective life-changing accidents?  These are questions that I find difficult to answer, as I am not sure there is a higher power determining how life with turn out.  As a scientist, I have always been very skeptical about religious beliefs, and the idea of fate.  They make it sound like I have no control over my own life since it was all laid out for me and I am just following a path, sorta like a train on its tracks. I prefer to think that I have some control over which tracks I am on, so if there is a storm in front of me I can divert and avoid it.  Fate would make it sound like I cannot change when I am going to die because even if I change tracks, it is my time and I cannot avoid it.

So, as I close, I am no further ahead in my mind. My skeptic side does not want to believe, yet I find myself wanting to find an explanation for the things going on around me. Perhaps in time I will piece it all together, hopefully before my own time is up.


Author: Scott Oosterom

I live in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach high school math/ science at Chief Little Pine School in Little Pine, Sk.

One thought on “Fate… Is everything pre-planned for us?

  1. Your mind will never be able to grasp to truth of death, and you would go crazy trying to work it out at that level. The truth about death can only ever be realised through being still within and inviting revelation. Then there will be an understanding around not only around death, but the whole reason that you are here.

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