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In an effort to resume my blogging I have decided to try using the blog post feature built into Microsoft Word. Maybe this will give me some incentive to write more often because I will not have to log into the WordPress website to do it, and I can use a more familiar interface to do it.

I have been finding it difficult to find time to post anything at all even though I have every good intention when I pick it back up. By the time I get a chance to do anything I am just too tired to even look at the computer, let along come up with a blog post.

Back at the end of July I took in a 17 year old youngster who would have otherwise had nowhere else to go. Going from having only a dog to having a now 18 year old in the house to care for has been a learning experience for us both. I never thought in a million years that I would be a foster parent, let alone at this point in my life have a teenager to help. This whole parenting thing has not been without its trials and tribulations, and it has not be an easy adjustment at times – not for either one of us. He has been accustomed to no one caring whether he was dead or alive and going essentially free-range getting into trouble with drugs, the law and whatever else. I have accustomed to being a workaholic and not having to worry about whether or not I am home right away after work to cook supper. Now it is all different. He has someone to help get his life back on track and care for his well-being.

I will discuss this more in time, because there are stories to tell and experiences to share with the world because over all the past four months, albeit difficult at times, have been very self-fulfilling, and I would not be willing to change how things went down and my decision to take in a random stranger.

For now, good night.


Author: Scott Oosterom

I live in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach high school math/ science at Chief Little Pine School in Little Pine, Sk.

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