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It was all going so well, then…. BANG!

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Well, James managed to make it eight days before his brain said “Screw this; your little pills can’t stop me, I am having me a seizure!” *Muahaha* And, yes, I imagine that his brain has an evil laugh too.

Everything was going so smoothly, the Keppra seemed to be working, and he seemed to be in much better spirits because he was not seizing all the time. Yesterday morning it all began again without warning. Just a few hours after I gave him his morning meds, he had a seizure. Of course, he tried to tell me that he was just stretching, but I know the difference between stretching and a small tonic clonic seizure.

We had a pretty good day yesterday, sitting around and relaxing on a Sunday afternoon. We crossed our fingers that there would be no more seizures. We could not be more wrong. We sat down to watch some evening television, of course James starts falling asleep. This should have been my clue, because it is what he does, it is part of his aura to feel sleepy out of the blue before a seizure. Within 5 minutes of dozing off he had a second short tonic clonic seizure. This still was not bad, 2 seizures in 8 days.

I drove James to bed soon after. Of course I periodically poke my head into his room to make sure he is okay, because I am used to his nocturnal seizures and I am to the point that I am constantly mindful. The time was 12:50 AM when I had checked on him. He was sound asleep. I had just enough time to let the dog out one last time and sit down at the computer when I heard a crash from down the hall.

It was James. When I go to the room he was on the floor on the opposite side of the bed, all of the blankets on the floor around him. He was very confused; having no idea how he ended up on the floor. What’s more is that it all happened so quickly. I figured he must have had a complex partial seizure and decided he was going to get out of bed, but couldn’t because he was tangled up in blankets.

This may be a big assumption, but I have seen enough tonic clonic seizures to realize that he would not have been able to fall off the opposite side of a double bed while he was tensed up and unable to move.

Today was a better day, but he still was pretty lethargic today after seizing the day before. He seemed a little “off” when I sent him out the door to walk to school. I hoped he would perk up with a few minutes of the fresh air during the walk, but in the back of my mind I suspected he would be calling for a ride home. Sure enough, an hour after he left the phone rang. He came home and went straight to bed.

Fortunately, today was, overall, a better day, with no seizures yet. Also, his Keppra dose is doubled beginning tomorrow, so I pray that these seizures that seem to have not had any possible triggers will stop.

I am completely at a loss when I am trying to figure out what causes the individual seizures, and I make it a point to find out, or at least speculate. James is not always forthcoming with details that may help so I often have no choice but to speculate. It is difficult to imagine what might be triggering seizures while he is sleeping; so I am left wondering.

Hopefully one day very soon we will be to the bottom of it.


Author: Scott Oosterom

I live in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach high school math/ science at Chief Little Pine School in Little Pine, Sk.

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