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Well, it has been a pretty good week over all; just a few metaphorical bumps and bruises. James has been relatively seizure free since last weekend. He has had six seizures in the run of one day this past Saturday, which sounds like a nice bit, but they were not big ones, and it was all over in a matter of 45 minutes. He managed 8 days without any seizure before having them, and as of now, he has not had any more since dinnertime on Saturday… Ok, damn. He just fell off the bed as I wrote that; he had three small seizures. That is still not terrible if you look at the past 14 days.

It seems as though my little experiment is working. At the end of April I asked James to lay off the Xbox usage a bit because it was seemingly taking over everything. There was no talking to him, and certainly no way to interrupt the precious games without getting an earful of smart-mouth attitude and swearing. So, I cut him off for an entire day; then let him on no more than an hour on weeknights (if at all). He had a little more freedom on weekends, but only because he had a friend over playing games with him. During the first two weeks, I noticed an unusual increase in seizure activity, gone from only nocturnal seizures, to daytime seizures as well, and plenty of them.

After I caught on to this one night while I was reading over the seizure diary I decided to try a little experiment. On Friday May 17, I told James to play more games. Go back to the way it was before and possibly even more. With one exception, drop the attitude problem and don’t be acting like an idiot to everyone around just to play games. I have assured him I will not keep on to shut off the Xbox so long as when I ask for assistance with chores, homework or anything else, I get this cooperation. My plan is to observe seizure activity while playing plenty of “Call of Duty” and the like for at least 2-3 hrs per night.

Does the gaming affect the seizure activity at all? My hypothesis was that the games help to relieve some of the pent up stress and anger. As such, there would be no need to lash out at me or others, and the number of seizures would decrease.

One would almost think it would, but I am not so sure. My little experiment is showing promising results. It is still too early to tell for sure, because his seizure activity could turn for the worse tomorrow, but it is looking like there has been an over-all decrease in the average number of seizures he has per day, from 1.2 down to 0.75 seizures per day so far…

There is no telling that I am a science geek is there? Hahaha

In other news, we met with James’ neurologist today, and it was also a pretty good appointment. I was pleased when he told us he is going to make a referral to the epilepsy specialist in St. John’s so that James can get some new EEG and MRI scans done, and also to be observed and recorded for a week. This is what we were hoping for; something that might give some more insight into the causes of the seizures.

Still no news on the job front, which is starting to get me a little frustrated. I have discovered that I cannot really handle too much of this unemployment foolishness. I have bills to pay and a frivolous lifestyle to maintain. I cannot do this well when I am only making half of what I am used to. These are sad times. Hopefully I will hear something soon, because I also need to find a new place to live. The longer the waiting game, the more stressed I am getting. Not good at all.

Anyway, I must close here, as sleep awaits. Good night.


Author: Scott Oosterom

I live in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach high school math/ science at Chief Little Pine School in Little Pine, Sk.

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