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It has been an incredibly busy week.

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There are so many things to talk about because it has been such a busy week. Only one problem, I am so tired right now that I can barely see straight, so we will see how this goes.

This has been a funny week around the house because James has not been home. His hospital stay has been a positive one. After speaking with the epileptologist yesterday it seems that he will very possibly be getting the surgery if he wants it. The doctor needs to review and analyze the data some more, and consult with his other epilepsy specialist colleagues before he makes a final decision. He will then contact use later next week with the details.

James has already decided that if it is possible, he wants to get the surgery, especially since there is a 75 – 80 percent chance of being seizure-free. While this is still just the early stages of things, it does look highly promising for him. I hope it all works out.

Tonight he seemed a little delusional. He did not know what day it was thinking it was the day I had to get him (Saturday) and he said his head hurt from the surgery. He never had any surgery and today was Friday. After he hung up on me and his Nan for the second time in mid-conversation I never bothered to call him back. He also never remembered talking to us last night, even though he was on the phone for 20 minutes or so. Yesterday it could have been the meds or the Ativan, tonight, I am not sure what it was. I was concerned enough that I waited until I figured he would be asleep and I called the nurse to ask her a few questions. It turns out that in addition to these delusions or memory issues, he is having trouble walking, eating, drinking and even using the washroom. I told her I would prefer that he did not come home like that because he will be home alone and there is no one to be with him. She told me if the doctor feels he is not “out of it” enough he will be staying in.

I am going to go in to see James tomorrow regardless of whether or not he is coming home. The nurse told me that I could let them know if he is “normal” tomorrow. If he is not back to normal, they will keep him longer.


Remember when I said I was tired before? Yeah, I fell asleep. I have since gone to Saskatoon to pick James up from the hospital. It is mostly back to normal. He is no longer delusional, and is able to pee, eat and drink normally again, but I am not 100% convinced his memory is what it should be. The doctor assured me that this would subside, and I hope it does. He just seems a little off, and I never noticed this until we left the hospital. Hopefully a good night’s sleep will fix him up.

For now, he is still on his pile of pills, but he has been taken off the Keppra and put on lacosamide. For now he will be on them, but this could change later on if he qualifies for the surgery. We should find out more next week.


Last night I also said it was a busy week. In addition to keeping on top of James’ situation I have been trying to get all my work corrected and marks into the computer. All of this needs to be done by Monday morning. Good thing James has not been home, because most evenings I never left school until after 6:00 trying to get things corrected and caught up.

Later tonight, if I feel up to it I have some final grade 12 physics assignments to grade. If not tonight I have all day tomorrow. The grade 9 science can wait if it needs to, and I can put it into next terms, they are a minor detail because their course is not ending.

Also, I met with my mentor from the school division this week. She’s pretty cool, she’s been helping me to develop better classroom management strategies, as well as giving me tips and suggestions for inquiry learning projects. She comes to the school ever few weeks and meets with a few of us teachers to help us with anything that needs helping. I think it is pretty nifty that we get someone assigned from the division to coach us. She has the time to come up with and learn about the different strategies, then she is able to bring it to us.

Oh my, looks like I will not be correcting much physics tonight. Suddenly I can hardly keep my eyes open.

Oh, on a final note, I think James has officially quit smoking. He had his last one on Sunday before he went into the hospital. We’ve had plenty of opportunity since I picked him up for him to ask about smokes. I never mentioned a word, but then neither did he. Before, the first thing he would ask for was a smoke. This time it was a new SIM card for his cell phone. Awesome! I hope he stays quit. I am saying nothing so he will not get the idea in his head. He was so close anyway, for the last few weeks he was down to only 1 or 2 smokes a day at most. Honestly, his next logical step was to quit. A week-long stay in the hospital full of seizures and not being able to go out for one was just what he needed to stop. Even if he does cheat once in a while at this point, I am proud of his accomplishment, because he used to smoke a pack or more a day. I cross my fingers that he keeps it up.

Well, I am off. Hopefully to get some sleep. Cheers.


Author: Scott Oosterom

I live in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach high school math/ science at Chief Little Pine School in Little Pine, Sk.

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