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It is a little bit strange

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Actually there are a couple things that seem a little strange today. Firstly, James does not seem to be 100% normal. His memory is off. Some things he is remember just fine, but there are some others that he is not recalling at all. I spent the afternoon “quizzing” him to see what he could remember and what he couldn’t. It seems like some of his memory of events and places he has seen in the last six months is not all there. Good thing we are going to the doctor tomorrow, we can find out what’s going on. If not, I will call the epilepsy doctor and see what he thinks it is. Most likely it is simply that he has had so many intense seizures this past week that his brain needs time to “heal”. It is the memory centre of the brain that is the source of his seizures, but I would prefer to ask the doctor and be safe than sorry.

In general James is back to normal, but something still seems off about him. I cannot put a finger on it. I’ve never had any form of amnesia before, so maybe that is why he seems off, much of the last few weeks / months is a blur.

On a super positive note though, James has quit smoking. 😀 He called both of his grandmothers today and told them he hasn’t had one since last Sunday, and he doesn’t even have a craving for one. Which could be the brain issues talking, but all the same. I never brought it up, I waited until he did, but when he did it was to brag that he hadn’t had one in over a week. That is so awesome, because this has been, literally, 12 months in the making to reach this point. I had him cut back slowly over 12 months to finally quit. I hope he keeps this up.


I finally got all my marks and comments into the computer. I would never have met the Friday deadline, good thing it was extended to Monday. That is actually a huge sigh of relief because I feared that I was not going to get it all done.

Now tomorrow I need to make up a science exam for my grade 9’s, then I am all good to go.

Anyways, the strangeness is a state of mind for now, and I hope it all goes away.

Off to the doctor tomorrow morning. Good night.


Author: Scott Oosterom

I live in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach high school math/ science at Chief Little Pine School in Little Pine, Sk.

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