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I couldn’t be happier.

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Things have been going swimmingly in the last few weeks. Classes have been awesome and now that I am getting to know the students better it’s been fun. This is what teaching is supposed to be like, I think – when you start the day on a natural high and finish the day the same way because there is nothing bringing you down. Not even the one kid who doesn’t want to do his work.

I am still swamped with correcting, but I can get some done tomorrow and Monday there won’t be any kids in.

I have been at school for three weeks and already I have begun to develop a positive rapport with students. This is half the battle when it comes to classroom management, but even still in the past there have been issues with my skills in this area. As I was on my way home from work on Friday afternoon I was thinking to myself about how nice it has been to be able to shape these students into the type of people I want in my classroom – be respectful and mindful of the few rules I have. They have been set in their ways, but I am fussy with regard to how I want things done, and I will not have it any other way. Just as an example, swearing is something that I will tolerate to some degree (except when it is directed at me) although I prefer not to hear it at all. I tend to pick my battles, correct the swearing and move on with the life. I am slowly getting them to the point where I’m hardly hearing a curse word out of them, and there is a quick “oops” when they do slip it out. Proper thing!

I felt it was important that I thank the two people who helped me so much last year with helping me to improve my skills in the area of classroom management; so I emailed them the other day to let them know how their support has been a huge benefit so far this year. I realize that I still have some growth to do, but that will come in time. Now that I have a solid base to build upon, it will be a lot easier.

I will be pushing some of them to join the ranks and do a science fair project this year. A few had done a project in the past and come in second among all First Nations schools in the province. So, I will be ensuring that they participate again this year. I got a bit of a feel for who might be interested on Friday, so now I just need to get more details and push them.

In other news my neighbour next door asked me to do some DJing for him. He has a DJ business and knew that I had dabbled in it while I was in Newfoundland. I had a brief orientation this evening, and will be running the show for a group of kids in North Battleford next weekend. I’m kind of excited about that too because I really enjoyed doing it before. Not to mention there are not too many side jobs where you can get paid to stand there and play music all night. I basically went from having no job to having two jobs in a matter of two weeks. J

I know I have not mentioned him in a while, but James has been doing better these last few weeks. Now that his medications are all on par where they should be and he has not missed any doses he has been seizure-free for a little over two weeks. We are still waiting on information from the hospital regarding the dates for surgery, but for now the meds are keeping things under control.

Well, it is getting late. I should go and get some shut-eye. More updates soon.



Author: Scott Oosterom

I live in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach high school math/ science at Chief Little Pine School in Little Pine, Sk.

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