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It’s been a long time, I know

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So, I just noticed that it has been nearly a year since my last blog post. I lead either a very busy life, or a very uneventful one and so I have nothing to talk about. Whichever is the case, here I am, writing again.

Firstly, I feel that it necessary to write about something important – the things we take for granted.

This has been a stressful week for me, but not for reasons that most would thing. Home stuff is good lately, and school is better than awesome (I love my job, but more on that later). Rather I almost lost someone dear to my heart this week – my best friend, who has been there with me for the last 10 years by my side. No matter how many times he gets on my nerves and I have to drive him out the door he always comes back to sitting at my side. Never judging for anything, he is always there when I am down on myself and willing to lend a wagging tail and a nudge with his cold wet nose. In case it wasn’t obvious, I am referring to Isaac, my beautiful golden retriever.

Two nights ago I opened the door and he sneaked out between my legs. He took off running up the road as he had done many times before. Oft’ times before I or someone else would go after him, but it was 9 PM and cold out. I figured that as usual he would be back in 20 minutes or so after he has a quick run. This time was different, he never came home. I was not going to bed until the whole family was back in the house, so after 4 hours missing we went looking for him around town. After 45 minutes and going up and down every street, there was no sign of him. He disappeared one other winter night several years ago, and he was back on the door step when I woke up, waiting to get in where it is warm; so I tried to sleep believing he would be back in the morning.

This was not the case. When I checked first thing the next morning the deck was still empty. I had Nathan going around town all day asking around and looking for him. No luck. After I got home from work I drove around for an hour looking – no luck. We were getting worried, it is not like him to take off and not come home.

Nathan went to a meeting and I stood watch by the window, praying that he would arrive safe. After he got home we went out for another drive – after an hour there was still no luck search all over town. Just as I was about to return home Nathan suggested one more trip to the other side of town to make it full circle. Off in the distance, walking very slowly and weakly up the road I could see an animal. I pulled up closer to realise it was Isaac. He could not even climb into the car, he had to be lifted in, and back into the house.

He returned, cold, tired, hungry, sickly and missing his collar. Someone had clearly tried to do something to him because his collar was off and it was not loose enough to just fall off. Last night we warmed him up, gave him a warm bath and some fresh water and food. He seemed fine and eating normally, but legs seem weak when he is trying to stand up.

Tonight he is more energetic, and eating but still not himself. He is still having difficulty standing up, and does not want to jump up like he always does. I am worried about him. On Friday after work, I am going to take him directly to the vet.

My entire point about things we take for granted is this – my buddy is not well, and I nearly lost him, not realizing just how much he needs to be part of the family structure in his house to keep everyone sane. We do not realise how much pets mean to us until they are gone or sick.

This point is not only true of pets, but of people too. Don’t take them for granted and assume they will always be there – enjoy them while you can.

On the subject of school, I think I have the most awesome job anyone could ask for. Lately classes have been great, and just in general things have been great. A few weeks ago I started joining the boys around the drum most mornings. I find after smudging and drumming it just feels so invigorated for the morning. It is to the point now that the boys, mostly grades 1-6, beckon for me to sit with them if I am in the hallway. So that is cool. I’ll have some pictures soon – tomorrow morning in fact.

I can never be 100% certain until I am certain, but things seem to be fitting into place for the fall. I love that I am able to bring positive promotion of math and science to the school, and that I get a lot of support to do this. We are celebrating National Pi Day on Monday, and our science fair is also next week. I am still working on some robotics stuff, we need more money to get this off the ground completely, and at the moment time is tight getting ready for science fair and Pi day.

I have been pushing for more grade 12 science and math for the future. We need to have it so the kids have more options. If it is possible to stretch my abilities, then we should definitely be giving these kids a shot.

Any who, I need to close for now, gotta go pet the dog.

Êkosi pitamâ (That’s it for now).



Author: Scott Oosterom

I live in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan, Canada. I teach high school math/ science at Chief Little Pine School in Little Pine, Sk.

One thought on “It’s been a long time, I know

  1. Oh, Scott I just sat here with tears, reading about Isaac. So glad you found him and I hope he’ll be OK. Do you think he was poisoned by something?
    On the school front…I think you are the most amazing teacher I know! Keep up the good work. They need you at Chief Little Pine School.Wish you were here to help my grandchildren with their Math!

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