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Homework causes stress in students… and parents

According to Canadian researchers giving students homework is not particularly effective, especially for kids in kindergarten to grade 6. Apparently homework causes a great deal of stress and burnout among children On average Canadian students spend approximately 33 minutes per night doing homework. Of course, the actual time spend ranges from 10 minutes to over 45 minutes.

While there is some evidence to suggest that getting some homework in junior and senior high school is beneficial, this is not the case for elementary school children. It does not seem to help students in younger grades. What they recommend is that younger children spend time reading each night with their parents so that they can hone this essential skill, rather than trying to use their time to “learn” new concepts at home.

Parents who were surveys say that they agree with the work ethic homework promotes, but it seriously cuts into valuable family time for many families, as parents are left to help their children with the “evil deed” that their teachers assigned.

Read the article as it was written in the Calgary Sun on Feb. 10, 2008

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